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I truly believe that Social Media is only effective when you have an in-house team member who can capture the WOW moments. So the question I am answering today is “What to look for in a Social Media Manager?”

I am sure you have heard the quote by Peter Schutz “Hire character. Train skill”. In my experience, this is true for all hiring, but it is super important to follow this when you are either thinking about assigning the Social Media Manager role to a team member in your practice or hiring someone to handle your Social Media presence. I am sure some of you are thinking “…but Minal, the Social Media Manager needs to know how to work the platforms and therefore skill is important”. Of course skill is important, but let’s take a step back and analyze what sells on Social Media. Social sells on Social Media. You need someone in your office who is fun, creative, quick learner and most of all an extrovert. This individual is going to be responsible for “socializing” with the patients, asking them to take photos and videos, running your Social Media campaigns, creating contests, sharing your WOW factor and getting your team excited about it all. Take this moment and write down two names of the team members in your office that fit this personality.

Obviously, if you can find someone who is also familiar with the Social Media platforms (most likely, he or she will be on at least one Social Media platform), that’s great! The skill can be trained. Just how you go to conferences and take courses to advance your skills, the same can be done for that individual. I am also a part of many marketing groups, organizations and conferences to do the same exact thing. We all have to continuously learn and this is no different.

The important part for you is to have content that is sharable and interactive! Focus on getting someone who can do that, and the rest will be easy!

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