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To say navigating marketing today is overwhelming is an understatement. Between sifting through offers from multiple companies and learning about the many platforms and outlets available, there’s so much to be done! When figuring out marketing becomes a full-time job, it’s time to find support. But who can you trust, when it seems every solution provider is just trying to make a sale?

You need someone who isn’t selling, someone without a product, someone on your team. You need a marketing strategist.

So, what exactly do I do as a marketing strategist?

A marketing strategist is very different from someone selling a marketing product like a website, SEO, or Adwords. While salespeople present a pre-fabricated solution with a set price up front, strategists like myself ask about your unique business needs first. From there, I work with you to design a custom marketing plan that fits your business, rather than fitting your business to a cookie-cutter solution. My goal is to reduce your marketing expenses while increasing revenue. 

A marketing strategist is a part of your team and doesn’t have products to sell. I create a custom marketing plan and only recommend products that match your specific needs. As an independent consultant, I accept no commission or referral fees for these recommendations. 

When it comes to marketing strategy, your success is my success. It’s not about buying the trendiest products; it’s about strategically leveraging the solutions that work best for you and your business.

My clients range from small teams to large, multi-practice owners to coaches & consultations, and business owners – there is no “one size fits all”, cookie-cutter marketing technique; every business is different and needs a customized action plan to fit their needs. Together, let’s take you and your team to new heights with powerful marketing insights and strategies. 

Marketing Strategist

* Receive direct guidance on the latest marketing developments, customized to your goals and needs.

* Create a cohesive marketing plan that fits your brand AND gets you in front of the ideal clients.

* Streamline your marketing budget by decreasing the expense and increasing the revenue.

* Build campaigns, improve social media utilization and leverage tools, resources, and technology.

* Large or small, new or established, I am here to help you streamline, showcase your brand, and create marketing strategies for you to stand out from the competition.

Social Media Coach

* Receive marketing coaching to streamline and improve your social media utilization.

* Reach more audience organically by optimizing your Social Media pages.

* Learn how to create engaging content utilizing tools and resources - many of which are free.

* Discover how to include VIDEO, including LIVE, into your content calendar to communicate with your fans and followers about your brand and services.

* Using proven best practices in the modern marketing climate, together we will lay the groundwork to bring awareness for your brand. Let’s get social with social media!

Team Training

* Create an effective marketing team in-house with the people you already work with every day.

* Training provides existing team members with the knowledge, communication, tools, and organizational skills necessary to set and achieve marketing goals.

* Implement an efficient marketing plan that includes internal, external, digital and social media marketing campaigns.

* Create reports to track marketing expense and ROI.

* Nobody knows your business better than your team, and nobody will be able to market it better than them once they become marketing gurus.

Collaboration Session

* Many marketing strategists don’t have a way that you can easily access them, but I have found that the best ideas come from collaborations.

* This service is for you if you want to get answers to your most pressing marketing questions without a commitment to regular coaching or training.

* For a flat hourly fee, schedule a consultation to collaborate about everything marketing.

* Some examples include creating and/or managing a social media page, creating engaging content, getting more reviews, increasing word-of-mouth referrals, building a campaign, doing a community event or any of your marketing needs.

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It’s time to love your marketing. It’s time to see measurable results. It’s time to celebrate conversions.

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