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Why Your Marketing is Killing Your Business

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Do you funnel time, resources, and a significant portion of your budget into every marketing platform you can think of, only to see few results? If so, you’re not alone. This common problem is not only frustrating, but the complete opposite of business growth. Marketing that doesn’t convert eats away at revenue, leaving your business stagnant. Let it go on for too long, and you’ll quickly find that marketing has killed your business.

Fortunately, there is a way to turn this problem around and get production back on a growth track. Customers who want what your business offers are out there. To find them, you simply need the right tools and an understanding of how to leverage them. In Why Your Marketing is Killing Your Business and What to Do About It, expert marketing strategist Minal Sampat shares exactly that, illustrating with real-life examples from over ten years of experience working with businesses in multiple industries.

In this easy-to-read, conversational guide, Minal untangles some of the mysteries of the market, including social media platforms, and shares how a few of her clients have achieved real results such as:

  • Reducing their marketing budget by $20,000
  • Nearly doubling their customer base
  • Gaining thousands of online followers and reviews
  • Increasing production by 20% even while experiencing a drop in new customers
  • Making social media presence the top source of business referrals
Why Your Marketing is Killing Your Business Kindle
Why Your Marketing is Killing Your Business Kindle

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Why Your Marketing is Killing Your Business and What to Do About It also includes strategies based on nationwide workshops Minal leads with businesses of all sizes and locations. Just like workshop attendees, business owners can complete these activities and walk away with detailed, custom marketing plans ready for execution.

Your business is more than just your livelihood: it is your passion, your inspiration, and your contribution to the community around you. Your customers recognize this, but only if you are visible and authentic. If you’re ready to start connecting with your ideal customers to launch your business growth pattern, How Your Marketing is Killing Your Business and What to Do About It has everything you need to begin the journey. 

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What Readers are Saying

Linda Miles
Linda Miles
Author of Miles To The Top: From Survival to Significance and former CEO & founder of both The Speaking Consulting Network and Linda Miles & Associates
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Minal Sampat breathes new life into the marketing world. This book is content-rich, authentic, and filled with the knowledge that eliminates marketing monotony. I highly recommend it to anyone who wants to connect with their business’s ideal audience and keep them coming back.
Henry DeVries
Henry DeVries
Co-author of How to Close A Deal Like Warren Buffett and marketing columnist for Forbes.com
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This is the first book I have read that truly explains the new rules of marketing and how any business can make an impact no matter what resources they have.
Dr. Hazel Glasper
Dr. Hazel Glasper
Owner of Revive Dental, founder of Teach Me Dental and oral health spokesperson for the American Heart Association in Maryland
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I like to think outside the box, but Minal Sampat has created a whole new box! This book includes ideas that are relevant, cutting edge, logical, and ready for implementation. My only question after reading it is, “What other secrets does she know?".
Anne M. Duffy
Anne M. Duffy
Publisher of Dental Entrepreneur, Business Beyond the Classroom & Dental Entrepreneur Woman
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I read Minal’s book cover to cover on a flight and could not put it down. I was so excited to land so I could begin implementing her clever and simple techniques. We immediately had a spike in engagement and have continued to use her book for reference as we grow our audience and brand. Her storytelling keeps her marketing nuggets fresh. The realization that connection is key has given us permission to be ourselves, and they is lovely!


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