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Get to Know Minal

My interest in business began early on. While in their 40’s, my parents made the decision to move our family from India to the U.S. Virgin Islands, and I grew up watching and admiring their work ethic as they started a new life by opening a jewelry store on St. Thomas’ bustling Main St. After high school, I attended Rutgers University. There, while studying both biology and communications, I discovered that my interest extended beyond my courses: I had a passion for marketing.

I became a dental hygienist, but couldn’t restrain my drive to connect as efficiently as possible with both existing and potential patients. I saw the untapped potential of social media, and my comfort with technology allowed me to take advantage of it with ease. With a bit of trial and error, my “millennial methods” slowly began to work.

In 2013, I launched my first marketing company by breaking a Guinness World Record, so that I could share my knowledge and experience with businesses looking to achieve their dreams. With 1,530 participants, we broke the Guinness World Record for the most simultaneous mouthwash swishers at one time. This event, Swish Away Breast Cancer, not only raised awareness for breast cancer and oral hygiene but successfully utilized internal, external, community, digital and social media marketing strategies and solidified my career path in the marketing industry.

Today, I am a speaker, an experienced marketing strategist & coach, mentor, and proud member of the National Speaker Association, the Speaking Consulting Network, AADOM Speaker and Consultant Alliance, Dental Speakers Bureau, Dental Speaker Institute, Academy of Dental Management Consultants, Board Member for Dental Entrepreneur Woman, and Marketing Faculty for Jumpstart 2019. With over a decade of marketing experience, I’m fortunate to be able to do what I love: talk to business owners about their goals, and help them make it happen!

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Marketing takes effort; see that effort produce results! Minal Sampat delivers presentations that leave attendees excited about marketing opportunities, knowledgeable about current tools and trends, and confident, with a clear plan of the next steps to take to get their marketing on track.

Covering topics such as efficient marketing, team training, social media, and using your patients as a sales force, Minal speaks from her experience as a practicing dental professional, knowledgeable marketer, and owner of a dental marketing consultancy company. Her numerous presentations, workshops, and interviews have demonstrated her unique ability to engage with the audience, small or large.

Minal Sampat reliably provides enthusiastic delivery and elicits audience response in all her presentations.