What's your next big marketing move?

Learn marketing strategies for generating serious momentum in a key area of your business!

Marketing Event in St. Thomas, U.S.V.I.

Join us in America’s paradise for a Marketing Content Workshop & Retreat!


Marketologist™ School

Learn about all things marketing with the Marketing Strategy School, Marketologisit™! 

Minal Sampat

Directly Work With Minal

Want to learn one-on-one with Minal? She offers multiple programs to match your goals!

Minal Sampat Book


Why Your Marketing is Killing Your Business: And What to Do About IT

Pediatric Dental Marketing Course

Pediatric Marketing Course

Check out THE pediatric dental marketing course by Minal Sampat & Michael Arias!

Join us at the RITZ in MAUI for a  mastermind workshop with Minal Sampat & Heidi Mount.

Canva course

All Things Zoom, Virtual Background & Canva Course

ENROLLMENT OPEN! We know that virtual is here to stay, but how can we use technology to make our online presentations engaging, fun, and relevant? This course is the answer. 

Minal Sampat

Content CPR: How to Create, Produce & Repurpose Content

With every ding, ping, and notification competing for our audience’s attention, what can we do to capture their engagement? This hands-on workshop will teach just how to do that!

Minal Sampat

Live Show and Podcast

Real Talk with Minal is a Live show (and podcast) hosted on Facebook by Minal. PS – don’t forget to join her free Facebook group!